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Columbus Family Law Lawyers

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Columbus Divorce Lawyers

​In contested divorces, the parties involved are unable to come to an agreement as to the terms and distributions involved in the separation. The main issues involved in a contested divorce are parenting time and custody allocations, child support orders, property distributions, and spousal support orders. Our attorneys are equipped with the skills and experience to guide you through each step of the divorce proceedings in the Columbus court system. We will be sure to represent your interests strongly before the court and deliver consistent results. Click here to read more about Columbus contested divorces and reach out to our attorneys to discuss your case today. We have represented thousands of individuals in Columbus in divorce proceedings since 1984. 

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Columbus Custody Lawyers

There is nothing more important than the health and safety of the children involved in domestic legal proceedings. Custody needs to be determined by looking for the best interest of each child involved in the case. In many cases, evidence is misunderstood by the court and parents or loved ones are left without the legal right to be with their children. Custody can be handled as part of a divorce, dissolution, or juvenile allocation of parental rights and responsibilities matter. Our offices have been successfully representing parents and loved ones in these situations since 1984. We passionately believe that the best interest of children can only be achieved with the help of an experienced lawyer that will be on your side throughout the legal process.

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Civil Protection Orders

Columbus family lawyers

A civil protection order is issued in the Columbus domestic courts when there is a domestic violence accusation where "immediate and present danger" is found. Civil protection orders are referred to as "CPOs". These orders are designed by the courts to protect individuals from future danger. Furthermore, CPOs are taken very seriously by the court system.

The document that an individual seeking a CPO must file is called a petition. In Franklin County, the Petition for a CPO can be found here. It is important to specify to the court exactly what has happened to bring a need for the CPO and who needs protection. CPOs can protect the person filing for the CPO, minor children, and/or other family/members or household members. Possible remedies afforded by a CPO are the following: temporary parental rights and responsibilities for minor children, financial support, eviction, and prevent future contact, among other remedies. A CPO can be in place for up to five (5) years. 

If you are being accused of domestic violence charges and have a CPO filed against you or need assistance getting a CPO in place, contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. CPOs can, oftentimes, seriously impact the outcome of your ongoing proceedings. We have found that in many cases parties take advantage of the power of CPOs to build support for their case unlawfully. Hoffman Law has been defending and assisting clients with CPOs since 1984.

Hoffman Law has decades of experience filing CPOs and defending against CPOs. Contact our offices now for legal support and representation.

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Columbus Grandparent's Rights Lawyers

While most child custody and child visitation disputes primarily involve the parents of the child in dispute, grandparents often deserve their voices to be heard in regards to visitation rights and even custody. In many circumstances, grandparents of children play a major role in a child's life and can be regarded by the courts as a more suitable guardian than the parents. In some cases, grandparents may be entitled to child support payments from the other party if minors are involved. Hoffman Law has extensive experience representing grandparents and securing them a voice and the rights that they deserve in child custody and visitation matters. Our offices believe in serving the best interests of children and we will fight for grandparent's rights at all costs .

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