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Civil Stalking Protection Orders (CSPO)

Details of Civil Stalking Protection Orders (CPOs) in Columbus, Ohio

A civil stalking protection order (CPO) is issued in the Columbus/Franklin County domestic courts when there are at least two (2) events closely related in time where the victim believes that he/she is being stalked and subject to harm and/or the victim is suffering from distress as a direct result of another's actions. No relationship amongst the parties is needed in order to be granted a civil stalking protection order. CSPOs are taken very seriously by the court system.

The document that an individual seeking a CSPO must file is called a petition. In Franklin County, the Petition for a CSPO can be found here. It is important to specify to the court exactly what has happened to bring a need for the CSPO and who needs protection. 

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Steps to Filing a Civil Stalking Protection (CPO) Order in Columbus, Ohio 

File a CSPO Petition

This is a sword statement to the court setting forth the details of grounds for a CSPO. 

Ex-Parte Hearing with Magistrate

The petitioner will have an ex-parte hearing with a magistrate for temporary protection

Full CSPO Hearing

Within 7-10 days, a second hearing is held where the petitioner will present their case and the respondent will have the opportunity to present their case.

Resolution of CSPO

Upon hearing both sides, the Court will issue an order either granting or denying the CSPO. 

Defending a Civil Stalking Protection Order (CSPO) 

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in CSPOs. Moreover, our attorneys have represented thousands of clients in family law and domestic-related matters. Once hired to represent a client in a pending CSPO matter, we will immediately retrieve a copy of the petition from the clerk's office and conduct a comprehensive review of your case. We know what the court is looking to see and how to best defend your case. We will take the time to put together all relevant evidence and prepare to defend you in court upon the date of the final hearing. Contact one of our attorneys to defend you in your CSPO case. 

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