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Former Prosecuting Attorney General of Columbus Medicaid Fraud
Columbus Medicaid Fraud Attorney

34 Years of Columbus Medicaid Fraud Experience! 

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About Our Columbus Medicaid
Fraud Defense

Mr. Hoffman is a former prosecuting attorney general assistant who specialized in Columbus medicaid fraud. Charges and/or accusations of medicaid fraud are very serious and deem the most professional and experienced attention. A medical practitioner in this precarious situation risks potentially huge financial penalties, the loss of their practice, and even jail time. Some of the most common types of medicaid fraud are kickbacks, misdiagnosis, billing fraud, and self-referrals. Our offices are equipped with defense strategies and 34 years of experience in the field to represent medical professionals in all degrees of medicaid fraud.


What is Medicaid Fraud and What Potential Penalties for  Columbus Medicaid Fraud

  • Greater than $150,000: 3rd Degree Felony, 36 Months in Prison, and $10,000 in Fines

  • Greater than $7,500: 4th Degree Felony, 18 Months in Prison, and $5,000 in Fines 

  • Greater than $1,000: 5th Degree Felony, 12 Months in Prison, and $2,500 in Fines. 

  • Less than $1,000: 1st Degree Misdemeanor, 180 days in jail, and $1,000 in fines. 

*All Maximum Penalties Listed, Ohio State Bar Association.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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