Types of Columbus Medicaid Fraud and Abuse 

Columbus Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Lawyer

34 Years of Columbus Medicaid Fraud Experience! 

Mr. Hoffman is a former prosecuting attorney general assistant who specialized in Columbus medicaid fraud. Charges and/or accusations of medicaid fraud are very serious and deem the most professional and experienced attention. A medical practitioner in this precarious situation risks potentially huge financial penalties, the loss of their practice, and even jail time. Some of the most common types of medicaid fraud are kickbacks, misdiagnosis, billing fraud, and  self referrals. Our offices are equipped with defense strategies and 34 years of experience in the field to represent medical professionals in all degrees of medicaid fraud.

Columbus Medicaid Fraud Penalties 
Types of Columbus Medicaid Fraud and Abuse:
  • Billing for services not performed

  • Billing duplicate times for one service

  • Falsifying a diagnosis

  • Billing for a more costly service than performed

  • Accepting kickbacks for patient referrals

  • Billing for a covered service when a noncovered service was provided

  • Ordering excessive or inappropriate tests

  • Undervaluing the amount owed by the insurer to a health care provider under the terms of its contract

  • Denying a valid claim

- National Conference of State Legislatures