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In divorces, the parties involved are unable to come to an agreement as to the terms and distributions involved in the separation. In these situations, experienced divorce lawyers are needed to support an equitable and fair distribution of assets and allocation of parental responsibilities. 

Some of the benefits of divorce over dissolution are that a contested divorce provides both parties involved with a comprehensive analysis of all assets, liabilities, family matters, and other issues of interest. This comprehensive review saves the individuals involved from further conflicts later on after their legal separation. Furthermore, in a divorce, each party has a chance to present the court with reasons and a complete understanding of the issues at hand. In separations involving complex financial distribution and/or child custody/support matters, a divorce is necessary to adequately serve both parties. Mr. Hoffman has been practicing divorce law since 1984. He has experience with all issues and is able to confidently defend your interests in court. Our office has settled thousands of divorces. Call Hoffman Law for lawyers that care about your situation and have decades of experience in the field.

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Details of Divorces in Columbus, Ohio

Steps to Completing a Divorce in Columbus, Ohio


The divorce complaint sets forth the grounds for a divorce and begins the process in the courts. 

Temporary Orders

Temporary orders are put in place during the pendency of the case to provide the parties with "temporary" support and parenting rights and responsibilities until resolution. 

Separation Agreement

The separation agreement is the primary document that sets forth the separation of assets and liabilities in a divorce case. 

Parenting/Custody Agreement

The parenting/custody agreement is the primary document that sets forth parenting rights and responsibilities in a divorce proceeding. 

Resolution and Decree

The decree can often incorporate both parenting rights and responsibilities and the separation agreement. This is the primary document that finalizes a divorce with the courts.  

Our attorneys are divorce experts. We have represented thousands of clients since 1984. Mr. Hoffman has been involved in complex contested trials disputing custody, high-net-worth estates, liabilities, and child support, among other areas. Our attorneys are known around Columbus and the surrounding counties as experienced and knowledgeable divorce lawyers committed to serving clients fully from the point of meeting until the final result. Our attorneys commit themselves to their clients and are driven to consistently work for the best results. Our attorneys are passionate, considerate, and care about each and every case that they handle. Our attorneys will be there for you 24/7 to support your needs and your family's needs. If you are involved in a divorce or seeking representation in a divorce in the Columbus or surrounding counties, do not hesitate to call Hoffman Law.

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