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About Our Columbus Divorce Lawyers

Our attorneys are divorce experts. We have represented thousands of clients since 1984. Throughout their careers, Eric and Jordan Hoffman have both been involved in complex contested trials disputing custody, high-net-worth estates, liabilities, spousal support, and child support, among other areas. Our attorneys are known around Columbus and the surrounding counties as experienced and knowledgeable divorce lawyers committed to serving clients fully from the point of meeting until the final result.

Our attorneys commit themselves to their clients and are driven to consistently work for the best results. Our attorneys are passionate, considerate, and care about every case that they handle. Our attorneys will be there for you 24/7 to support your needs and your family's needs. If you are involved in a divorce or seeking representation in a divorce in Columbus or surrounding counties, do not hesitate to call Hoffman Law.

What are the main issues
in Columbus divorce cases?

  1. Division of marital property. All property acquired during the term of the marriage is presumed to be marital property unless proven otherwise. As Columbus divorce attorneys, we will work hard to advocate on your behalf for the most favorable property distribution. Our attorneys are well-equipped to handle all types of cases. We have experience litigating property distributions in divorces regarding complex valuations, transmutation issues, retirement accounts, pensions, business evaluations, and many matters. We understand the complexity of Ohio law surrounding marital property distributions and will aggressively defend your interests in all property distribution matters.

  2. Child custody and visitation. Child custody and visitation is often a highly contested issue in divorce matters. The court takes into consideration the "best interests test" when determining visitation and custody. Parties may be seeking sole custody, shared parenting, and/or a specific visitation schedule. Our attorneys have experience litigating all custody and visitation matters.   

  3. Child support. The court will issue child support depending on a host of factors including the amount of time that each parent spends with the child, the income and financial position of each party; and health insurance expenses on behalf of the child, among other factors. In Ohio, the courts utilize the Ohio guideline child support worksheets to determine reasonable child support notwithstanding any deviations. Our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about the factors that the court considers for child support deviations and will advocate on your behalf for the best child support result possible.  

  4. Spousal support. Spousal support is awarded to a party in longer-term marriages. The court issues spousal support taking into consideration the length of the marriage, the income of each party, and the financial obligations of each party, among many other factors. Our attorneys have experience completing complex financial analyses of cases in order to determine fair and appropriate spousal support orders.  We are confident that we will be able to get you the best spousal support result possible. 

Steps to Completing a Divorce in Columbus, Ohio

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Verified Google Review, Columbus, Ohio

Jordan was incredibly helpful with my divorce. I'm grateful to have had his help in negotiating my case and coming to a speedy resolution. I would recommend his services to anyone contemplating or facing a divorce."

Verified Google Review, Columbus, Ohio

I highly recommend utilizing Jordan Hoffman’s services for divorce. He graciously agreed to represent me in my divorce proceedings even though I was relocating across the country. He was very prompt in submitting all documents to the courts and keeping me in the know of all communication's between the courts and my ex husband’s attorney. His understanding and patience helped me during this stressful situation.

Verified Google Review, Columbus, Ohio

"Jordan Hoffman is an amazing. After a pretty nasty marriage he helped me file for my divorce and the process from start to finish took less than a year. As a FATHER I received 50/50 custody, I make more and don’t pay any child support or alimony. He was there to help in both a personal and professional way. If you want someone who is going to care for your case then he’s the man for you."

Columbus Divorce Lawyers

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