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Mr. Hoffman has been a Columbus family law dissolution since 1984 and he has represented hundreds of clients to their satisfaction. There is no other Columbus family law lawyer that commits themselves to their work and their clients like Mr. Hoffman. He is passionate, considerate, and cares about each and every case that he handles. Deciding to divorce is a very difficult decision for families and couples. Our offices are equipped with years of experience and the resources necessary to provide you with the best family law services in Columbus.

In a dissolution, both parties consent to settle all disputes outside of a court room. All of the issues that need to  be resolved must be resolved prior to filing a petition with the court. Furthermore, unlike a divorce, in a dissolution, there is no subpoena available. For this reason, all information must be volunteered willingly by each party to resolve the matters at hand. A dissolution can often save parties a significant amount of time and money. 

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