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Child Custody

Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody is determined by looking for the best interest of each child involved in the case. In many cases, evidence is misunderstood by the court, and parents or loved ones are left without the legal right to be with their children. Our offices have been successfully representing parents and loved ones in these situations since 1984 and we passionately believe that the best interest of a child can only be achieved with the help of experienced lawyers. We will be on your side from the start to close of your case. 

Child cusotdy cases can originate out of the juvenile court system in the case where either the parents are not married or there are allegations of abuse, neglect, or dependency or out of domestic court where the parents are married.  Depending on the circumstances of the case, the court will ultimately determine where the children in question live and what type of parenting plan and visitation schedule shall be in place, if any. 


Hoffman Law has extensive experience representing clients in child custody matters. Our firm has a vast knowledge of the industry and has handled thousands of clients' child custody matters. Call our attorneys for experienced representation to handle the most delicate matters.  

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Child Model

Factors that the court considers in the "best interest test"

According to Section 3109.04 of the Ohio Revised Code, the court considers the following factors in determining what is in the "best interests of the child(ren) in question: 

  • the children's wishes and desires, if the children are old enough to express their wishes; 

  • the wishes and desires of the parents; 

  • the child's adjustment to the child's home, school, and community;

  • the mental and physical health of all persons involved in the situation;

  • which parent is more likely to honor and facilitate court-approved parenting time rights or visitation and companionship rights;

  • whether either parent has failed to make all child support payments, including all arrearages, that are required of that parent pursuant to a child support order under which that parent is an obligor; and 

  • any history of, or potential for, child abuse, spouse abuse, other domestic violence, or parental kidnapping by either parent, among other factors as set forth in Section 3104.04

About our Columbus child custody lawyer

Our attorneys are child custody experts. We have represented thousands of clients since 1984. Mr. Hoffman has been involved in complex contested trials disputing custody, high-net-worth estates, liabilities, and child support, among other related areas. Our attorneys are known around Columbus and the surrounding counties as experienced and knowledgeable child custody lawyers committed to serving clients fully from the point of meeting until the final result. Our attorneys commit themselves to their clients and are driven to consistently work for the best results. Our attorneys are passionate, considerate, and care about each and every case that they handle. Our attorneys will be there for you 24/7 to support your needs and your family's needs. If you are involved in a child custody dispute or seeking representation in a child custody matter in Columbus or surrounding counties, do not hesitate to call Hoffman Law.

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