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Columbus Paternity Lawyer

Columbus Family Law Lawyer

Columbus Paternity and Children

There are many situations that demand for an alleged father to take a paternity test. For example, a father seeking custody of a child may decide to take a paternity test to prove to the courts that he is the father of the child in dispute. Paternity tests can also resolve child support disputes and much more. Fortunately, with today's technology advancements and constant innovation, paternity tests are over 99% accurate and can serve as legal basis for many extremely important family law matters.

Columbus Paternity Testing

In a paternity test, the DNA of the child is tested and compared to the DNA of the mother. Upon review, the DNA found to be different than the mothers is then  compared to the alleged father.

Hire an Experienced Columbus Paternity Lawyer

Mr. Hoffman has extensive experience representing clients on all family law matters. Our firm has vast knowledge of the industry and has handled thousands of clients family law matters. Call Mr. Hoffman for a lawyer that cares about your situation and has decades of experience in the field.

Mr. Hoffman has been a Columbus Family Law Lawyer Since 1984

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