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Columbus excessive load ATTORNEYS

REPRESENTING CLIENTS CHARGED  WITH Excceding Highway load limits 

Hoffman Law has been defending clients in Franklin County environmental courts charged with transporting excessive loads since 1984. Our office has defended thousands of clients to their satisfaction. We are known around Columbus and the surrounding counties as aggressive and experienced lawyers committed to serving clients from the point we meet until the final result. 

Clients charged with transporting excessive loads in Columbus are being faced with an unclassified first-degree misdemeanor charge often along with another misdemeanor traffic violation charge.  

To review the actual charge in the Columbus Code of Ordinances, please click on this link:



Under the Columbus city statute relating to excessive load violations, the violation is an unclassified misdemeanor that could carry penalties of extremely excessive fines.    

If you have been charged with transporting hazmat materials in Columbus we highly recommend that you reach out to one of our attorneys to represent you on this matter. We are very experienced in dealing with these types of cases and will do our best to keep you on the roads with the best result possible. 


criminal history of hazmat
violations and penalties in columbus

Screenshot 2022-08-25 140545.png

In 2011, a hazmat trucker was involved in a collision on I-270 that resulted in the death of the driver and 12 miles of I-270 being closed for 18 hours. Shortly after this collision, the Columbus City Counsel increased penalties for Columbus Hazmat haulers to first-degree misdemeanor offenses.  The severity of these charges was a clear response from the city specifically regarding the danger and risk of these incidents. Our attorneys are well equipped with close to 40 years of experience representing clients in the Franklin County Municipal Courts and are able to provide you with a strong and competent defense. Reach out to our attorneys for a review of your case and an explanation of our legal services relating to hazmat violations in Columbus, Ohio. 

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