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Columbus Manslaughter Defense Lawyer

Columbus Criminal Lawyer

The Nature of Columbus Manslaughter Charges

Being accused of manslaughter is a serious criminal charge that can potentially destroy ones reputation, family, and career. These charges are dealt with by the state with great attention and detail. If you are being faced with these charges or feel that you are in a situation that deems the potential of manslaughter charges please do not hesitate to find legal advice, representation, and support.  

Columbus Manslaughter Charge Classification

Manslaughter is regarded as a less serious criminal charge than murder. Specifically, manslaughter can be broken down to two categories: involuntary manslaughter and voluntary manslaughter. Involuntary manslaughter is the killing of another person without prior intent or premeditation. Voluntary manslaughter on the other hand requires prior intent and/or premeditation on behalf of the defendant. Voluntary manslaughter is treated differently than murder charges because of the degree of malice involved. An example of someone who can be found guilty of Voluntary manslaughter is one who is provoked to commit the crime and emotional factors are induced and play a part in the killing. 

Columbus Manslaughter Charge Penalties

Manslaughter a felony charge that has penalties and punishments including imprisonment. These degree of the charges depend on the specific details of the case in question.

Hire an Experienced Columbus Manslaughter Defense Lawyer

Fortunately, the Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman have extensive experience with violent crime charges in the state of Ohio and are regarded by peers and clients as distinguished specialist in the field. Mr. Hoffman has 34 years of experience defending clients with violent crime charges. Mr. Hoffman most notably has been involved in many high profile violent crime cases in Columbus and the surrounding counties and has received multiple not guilty verdicts.

Call Mr. Hoffman Now for a free consultation! 

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