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"Mandatory Sentencing Shows No Respect for the Judiciary's Role"

"In December of 2016, our Supreme Court, in the case of State v. Aalim, found that a mandatory bind-over law violated a juvenile’s right to due process as guaranteed by the Ohio Constitution. That decision was later overturned by the same court for the reason that it failed to consider that the Ohio Constitution grants the right to the General Assembly to define the jurisdiction of the common pleas court, including juvenile courts. This proposed bill would leave the decision of bind-over to the Judges.

I believe that’s where the decision belongs. Judges are not computers. They need to have a role in sentencing. I agree with Justice O’Connor when she said that mandatory sentencing shows no respect for the judiciary’s role and that we must consider juvenile offenders differently than adult offenders. I support this bill so that Judges can decide on a case by case basis and thereby take into consideration

the unique circumstances of each case."

Pictured Below: Eric Hoffman with client, Jordyn Wade.

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