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Ohio limited liability company (LLC) formations
Ohio limited liability company attorneys

  • Our lawyers have extensive experience setting-up limited liability companies (LLCs) and drafting all the necessary organizational documents. We are equipped with the expertise to analyze your business needs and determined what type of LLC documents are needed to protect owners/members and stakeholder. Specifically, we have expertise drafting sole-member LLC agreements, member-managed LLC agreements, manager-managed LLC agreements, multi-member LLC agreements, and multi-class membership agreements, among others. Reach out to one of our attorneys for a review of your specific needs. Our attorneys will form your LLC and deliver comprehensive LLC organizational agreements that protect your interests.    

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steps to set up an Ohio limited liability company (LLC)

Step 1

  • Pick a Statutory Agent

  • Determine Name Availability (available at this link)

  • Determine Organizational Structure 

Step 2

  • Draft Operating Agreement 

  • Draft Articles of Organization 

  • Prepare Ancillary Agreements

Step 3

  • Coordinate Filing and Execution of Documents with Statutory Agent and Authorized Representatives

Step 4

  • Update Marketing Materials and Review Organizational Documents for Operations. 

Our columbus limited liability attorneys

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Jordan Hoffman Lawyer

Since 1984.

ohio llc structure

In Ohio, LLCs are "owned" by the "members" of the LLC. Nonetheless, although the members of the LLC maintain ownership rights to the LLC, the management and decision-making of the LLC all rest in the language set forth in the operating agreement and other organizational documents.  Below is a review of a few common Ohio LLC ownership structures: 

  1. Member-managed:

  2. Manager-managed:

  3. Multi-class managed: 

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The Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman & Associates have extensive experience with Columbus Business Law matters in the state of Ohio and are distinguished specialist in the field. Ready more about our Business Law Practices here. Mr. Hoffman has represented thousands of clients since 1984. 

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