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Columbus record sealing and Expungement Lawyers

Our attorneys have represented clients in sealing and expunging criminal records since 1984. We are able to file an application for sealing/expungement and appear in court on behalf of our clients. Our clients will never need to step foot in a courtroom. We will do all the work and guarantee you competent representation. 

Ohio expungement and record sealing laws grant anyone who has been convicted of no more than five felonies in either the fourth or fifth degree and/or misdemeanors the right to file for expungement/sealing. Exceptions to this law are felonies of the first or second degree, convictions from felony sex offenses, and convictions from violent crimes (including misdemeanor domestic violence). Moreover, there are other exceptions to this general rule such as certain enhancable offenses like OVI convictions and traffic tickets. 


waiting periods for
sealing a criminal record/expungement

The waiting periods to request expungement are as follows: 

•    Misdemeanors – 1 Year From Disposition 
•    One (1) F4/F5 Felony – 3 Years From Disposition
•    Two (2) F4/F5 Felonies – 4 Years From Disposition
•    Three (3) to Five (5) F4/F5 Felonies – 5 years From Disposition


Once an expungement is requested, the prosecutor maintains the right to file an objection and argue that the record should not be sealed. 


If you would think that you have a record that could be expunged under these new guidelines give us a call!

record expungement sealing lawyers

Columbus record sealing expungement lawyers 


Mr. Hoffman has been practicing criminal law in Columbus since 1984.  Mr. Hoffman has successfully defended thousands of criminally convicted clients in all degrees of offenses. He is known around Columbus and the surrounding counties as an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer committed to serving his clients fully from the point they meet until the final result. Please reach our to our attorney to discuss the sealing/expungement of your criminal record. We can likely handle your case without you even having to step foot in a court house. 


Mr. Hoffman is a former prosecutor and has been a Columbus criminal defense lawyer since 1984. Read more about Mr. Hoffman. 

Our Columbus Criminal Defense Experience 

Since 1984, Mr. Hoffman has developed personal relationships with hundreds of judges and court personnel in the Columbus criminal courts and around the state. Mr. Hoffman has spent every single weekday morning since 1984 representing clients in the Franklin County Common Pleas and Municipal downtown Columbus criminal courts.  Mr. Hoffman has more knowledge and practice representing clients in the Columbus criminal courts than any other defense attorney in town.  When you or a loved one are in need of professional and experienced representation,  call our offices. 

columbus criminal defense

Hoffman Law has dealt with crimes ranging from the most serious of felonies to traffic violations. Mr. Hoffman has most recently been involved in multiple high-profile murder cases attracting media from around the state and country. While there are hundreds of Columbus Criminal Defense lawyers in Columbus, Mr. Hoffman's experience and track record is unparalleled. When you hire Mr. Hoffman and Hoffman Law you will be hiring attorneys that care about you and will do all that is possible to resolve your case in the best circumstances possible. 

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