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Columbus Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Top Columbus Drug Crimes Attorney

Being accused or charged with any type of drug manufacturing is a serious criminal charge that can potentially destroy ones reputation, family, and career. These charges are dealt with by the state with great attention and detail. If you are being faced with these charges or feel that you are in a situation that deems the potential of drug manufacturing related charges please do not hesitate to find legal advice, representation, and support.  

Columbus Drug Manufacturing Charges

According to Ohio Revised Code 2925.04, Drug manufacturing is defined as "knowingly manufacturing or otherwise engaging in any part of the production of a controlled substance.". These controlled substances are defined under five classification. Depending on the type of drug and its classification, penalties vary. To read about the different controlled substance classifications and their penalties, read here.

Other Columbus Drug Defense Areas of Expertise

columbus drug manufacturing defense lawyer

Hire an Experienced Columbus Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

Fortunately, the Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman have extensive experience with drug crime charges in the state of Ohio and are regarded by peers and clients as distinguished specialist in the field. Mr. Hoffman has been defending individuals with drug crimes charges in Columbus and the surrounding counties since 1984. Mr. Hoffman most notably has been involved in many high profile drug crime cases in Columbus and the surrounding counties and has received multiple not guilty verdicts. Call our offices to have your case evaluated by a expert drug crimes criminal defense attorney. 

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