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Columbus Probation and Parole Lawyer

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Columbus Probation and Parole Laws

Over the years, the Columbus and Ohio court systems have been increasingly issuing probation and parole penalties to offenders arrested of crimes seen by the court as not being of serious risk to greater society. Probation and Parole are alternative penalties that both decrease the overall cost of government expenditures, decrease the number of defendants in jail, and provide offenders with more accommodating penalties. In many circumstances, offenders to probation or parole may live relatively normal lives with their family and friends. While Probation and Parole are great alternatives to jail time, they require the defendant to follow strict guidelines.

Violation of a Columbus Probation and Parole Law

In the case that a defendant is found violating a probation or parole order, the defendant will face serious penalties from the state. These penalties could include jail time and even additional charges.

Rights While on Parole and Probation

A defendant on probation or parole under the courts order has their constitutional rights significantly reduced. Specifically, ones fourth amendment rights are taken away as a defendant on probation or parole does not have the right against unlawful search and seizure.  Contact our offices to hear about all of your rights while on probation or parole.

The Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman have extensive experience advising and representing clients on probation and parole violations. Our firm has a vast knowledge of the industry and have defended clients with probation and parole charges since 1984. Read about our successes in this field in our media section

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