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Columbus Litigation Lawyer

Top Columbus Lawyer

Litigation Experience

Mr. Hoffman is a former prosecutor with 34 years of experience litigating in Columbus and surrounding counties. He has literally defended thousands of clients to their satisfaction. If you are looking for a skilled litigator to protect you and your rights, do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman.

What is Litigation?

"The process of resolving disputes by filing or answering a complaint through the public court system.  The nature of this complaint (including the probable outcome for each side) becomes the basis for any settlement negotiatons".

Legal Information Institue Cornell University

Qualities of a Skilled Litigator 


  1. "Visualize the end 

  2. Look everywhere for opportunities 

  3. Keep focus 

  4. Pick battles carefully 

  5. Consider the audience 

  6. Lean on others 

  7. Marry the defense and offense"


34 Years of Litigation 
of Litigation 

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