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Columbus Grand Theft Auto Lawyer

Top Columbus Grand Theft Auto Lawyer

The Nature of the Charges

Being accused of grand theft auto charges is a serious criminal charge that can potentially have severe consequences and penalties. These charges are dealt with by the state with great attention and detail. If you are being faced with these charges or feel that you are in a situation that deems a potential of auto theft charges please do not hesitate to find legal advice, representation, and support. Call Here Now!

Grand Theft Auto Defenses

Theft charges are most often characterized as either petty theft charges or grand theft charges. While a petty theft charge is dealt with by the state seriously, the penalties pale in comparison to grand theft charges. Grand theft charges are most often felony charges that result in jail time. A grand theft auto charge is a serious grand theft charge. Our offices are equipped with defenses to these charges to represent your case and minimize your penalties.

Hire an Experienced Columbus Grand Theft Auto Lawyer

Fortunately, the Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman have extensive experience with auto theft in the state of Ohio and are regarded by peers and clients as distinguished specialist in the field. Mr. Hoffman has 34 years of experience defending clients with theft related charges and is well versed in a multitude of defenses. 

columbus grand theft auto lawyer

Call Mr. Hoffman Now for a free consultation! 

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