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Columbus Child Abuse Lawyer

Top Columbus Child Abuse Lawyer

Being charged of child abuse is a very emotional and serious situation that needs to be dealt with the most experienced and professional expertise. A parent/guardian with these charges often feels overwhelmed and in disbelief. Our offices have found that child abuse charges are often taken out of context and misunderstood. Contact our offices for immediate support, advice, and representation.

Child Abuse Definition

An abused child can be any child who is the victim of emotional, physical, and/or is endangered in any way. Furthermore, the child must suffer from these harmful measure by means of a non accidental measure. Read Ohio Revised Code 2151.031 for specific details.

Columbus Child Abuse Penalties

A defendant charged with child abuse will face penalties ordered by the court depending on the severity of the court's findings. These penalties can range from jail time and fines to outside of court counseling.


Guardian At Litem

In many child abuse cases, a guardian at litem is appointed by the Court Appointed Special Advocates of your local municipality to represent and speak for the best interests of the minor child whose safety is being questioned in the case. Click this link to learn more about the Court Appointed Special Advocates.

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