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Columbus Bench Warrant Lawyer

Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer

What a Bench Warrant in Columbus Means?

A bench warrant, similar to a normal arrest warrant, is set out by a judge when an individual does not show up for a scheduled court date. It is extremely important for an individual with an outstanding bench warrant to contact a attorney. Under such circumstances, an attorney can arrange turning the individual into authorities and/or making arrangements with the court to set the warrant aside. This is a very serious situation that needs to be dealt with with such a regard. There are many different reasons that an individual does not show up to his/her assigned court date. Mr. Hoffman is an experienced attorney who has dealt with thousands or bench warrants throughout his career in the Columbus criminal court system. He will be able to put you or your loved ones in the best position before the courts.

Hire an Experienced Columbus Bench Warrant Lawyer

Fortunately, the Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman have extensive experience with arrest warrants in the state of Ohio and are regarded by peers and clients as distinguished specialist in the field. Mr. Hoffman has 34 years of experience assisting clients with arrest warrants. 

Call Mr. Hoffman Now for a free consultation! 

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