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Types of Bail Bonds in Columbus

Columbus Bail and Bond Lawyer

Types of Bail and Bonds in Columbus

A Bail Bond is a security that a defendant must obtain in order to be released from jail until until their future court date. The following are types of Bail Bonds often used in Columbus:

  • Surety Bond - A Surety Bond is a commonly issued bond that requires a bail bondsman to be hired by the defendant and paid a fee normally varying from 10%-20% of the total bond amount. The bondsman will post the bail and be held accountable by the court to guarantee that the defendant shows up to court on his/her assigned future court date. 

  • Cash/Appearance Bond - A Cash/Appearance Bond is a bond that requires a defendant to submit 10% of the total bond amount to the court. If the defendant is present at all of his future court dates, the total bond amount will be reimbursed.  

  • Recognizance Bond - A Recognizance Bond is the most desirable bond for a defendant being that it does not involve any monetary obligations. This bond is simply a promissory note between the court and the defended stating that the defendant must appear to court on their future court date.  If the defendant does not show up further charges will be processed. 

  • Cash Bond - A cash bond requires a defendant to come up with a sum of cash to the court to be released. 

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