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Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer

Best Columbus Criminal Defense 

Mr. Hoffman has been a criminal defense attorney in Columbus since 1984.  Mr. Hoffman has successfully defended thousands of criminally convicted clients in all degrees of offenses. He is known around Columbus and the surrounding counties as an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer committed to serving his clients fully from the point they meet until the final result. 

A note from Mr. Hoffman: 

"As the child of a Holocaust survivor, I have committed my life and professional career advocating for every person to always have a voice. I am a lawyer to protect the needs of others. I believe that a system of laws is truly the hallmark of a civilized society and that the law is more than a commodity; it can and should be a force for good. In my practice, I stand for the highest ideals of the legal profession, transcending class and individual interests to do so. I apply my intellect, education, and energy to ensure that no one faces the injustices that my family suffered...".Continue Reading About Mr. Hoffman


Mr. Hoffman is a former prosecutor and has been a Columbus criminal defense lawyer since 1984. Read more about Mr. Hoffman. 

Our Columbus Criminal Defense Experience 

Since 1984, Mr. Hoffman has developed personal relationships with hundreds of judges and court personnel in the Columbus criminal courts and around the state. Mr. Hoffman has spent every single weekday morning since 1984 representing clients in the Franklin County Common Pleas and Municipal downtown Columbus criminal courts.  Mr. Hoffman has more knowledge and practice representing clients in the Columbus criminal courts than any other defense attorney in town.  When you or a loved one are in need of professional and experienced representation,  call our offices. 

columbus criminal defense

The Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman have dealt with crimes ranging from the most serious of felonies to traffic violations. Mr. Hoffman has most recently been involved in multiple high profile murder cases attracting media from around the state and country. While there are hundreds of Columbus Criminal Defense lawyers in Columbus, Mr. Hoffman's experience and track record is unparalleled. When you hire Mr. Hoffman and the Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman you will be hiring an attorney that cares about you and will do all that is possible to resolve your case in the best circumstances possible. 

Ohio Expungement laws

Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer

Effective October 29, 2018 -


Ohio is significantly expanding its expungement laws to allow convicted offenders of multiple felonies and/or misdemeanors expungement who may not have been eligible beforehand. Specifically, the new rule will grant anyone who has been convicted of no more than five felonies in either the fourth or fifth degree and/or misdemeanors the right to file for expungement. 


Exceptions to this new law are felonies of the first or second degree, convictions from felony sex offenses, and convictions from violent crimes (including misdemeanor domestic violence). Moreover, there are other exceptions to this general rule such as certain enhanceable offenses like OVI convictions and traffic tickets. 


The waiting periods to request expungement are as follows: 
•    Misdemeanors – 1 Year From Disposition 
•    One F4/F5 Felony – 3 Years From Disposition
•    Two F4/F5 Felonies – 4 Years From Disposition
•    Three to Five F4/F5 Felonies – 5 years From Disposition


Once an expungement is requested, the prosecutor maintains the right to file an objection and argue that the record should not be sealed. 


If you would think that you have a record that could be expunged under these new guidelines give us a call!

Columbus Criminal Defense Trial Process

Best Columbus Criminal Lawyer

Pre Trial Preparation
During Trial
After Trial
  • Review every police report and documents submitted to find inconsistencies and build defense. 
  • File respective motions to suppress evidence. 
  • Send out private investigators to interview or find out necessary information
  • Exhaust all resources necessary to provide the best defense possible. With Decades of experience in litigation, we can guarantee you an aggressive and and experienced defense. 
  • File appeals if client is applicable
  • Thoroughly review proceedings and file motions as necessary. 
  • We will follow up with client for final review. 

Mr. Hoffman has defended thousands of clients with criminal charges in Columbus. His office is equipped with defenses and experience to all Columbus criminal felony charges. 

Having handled thousands of misdemeanor cases in Columbus, since 1984, Mr. Hoffman has garnered a reputation as a specialist in the field of  misdemeanor criminal defense .

Columbus Drunk Driving Criminal Defense lawyer

Since 1984, Mr. Hoffman has been representing individuals accused of drunk driving in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding counties. While the dynamics and instruments used by authorities in determining if an individual has operated a vehicle while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol have changed drastically over the years, Mr. Hoffman has continued to be on the forefront of all of these changes. Mr. Hoffman regularly attends seminars focusing on details of the physical machinery involved in testing for drunk driving and the administrative processes that must be followed in order for these machines to be recognized in a court of law.

Columbus Sex Crimes Criminal Defense lawyer

Being charged with a criminal sex crime is a serious and scary situation. The Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman have been defending clients charged with criminal sexual offenses in the state of Ohio since 1984. Mr. Hoffman has extensive experience in all areas of sex crimes and has been regarded around the state as an expert and distinguished criminal defense attorney in the sex crimes defense field. Most notably, Mr. Hoffman has been involved in multiple serious sex crime trials in the past years and received an overwhelming number of not guilty verdicts. Click below for details on Mr. Hoffman's areas of focus.

Columbus Drug Crimes Criminal Defense lawyer 

Being charged with a Columbus criminal drug crime is a serious and scary situation. The Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman have been defending clients charged with criminal drug offenses in the state of Ohio since 1984. Mr. Hoffman has extensive experience in all areas of drug crimes and has been regarded around the state as an expert and distinguished criminal defense attorney in the drug crimes defense field. Mr. Hoffman has over three decades of experience defending clients with drug crime charges. Mr. Hoffman most notably has been involved in many high profile drug crime cases in Columbus and the surrounding counties and has received multiple not guilty verdicts.

Drug Trafficking


Drug Possession

Drug Manufacturing

Drug Dealing

All Controlled Substances

Columbus Violent crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being accused of a violent crime is a serious criminal charge that can potentially destroy ones reputation, family, and career. These charges are dealt with by the state with great attention and detail. If you are being faced with these charges or feel that you are in a situation that deems the potential of violent crime related charges please do not hesitate to find legal advice, representation, and support. 



Aggravated Robbery 




columbus criminal defense lawyer

Mr. Hoffman and the Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman have defended thousands of clients in Columbus charged with violent crime offenses. 

Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer

Best Columbus Criminal Lawyer

Mr. Hoffman is a distinguished Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer  who routinely handles federal and state cases all across the greater Columbus Metropolitan. Dealing with the Ohio criminal justice system can be incredibly overwhelming whether you have been charged criminally in a proceeding or are concerned that you may be charged. The most important step to protecting yourself and your loves ones is to be proactive in seeking out a qualified and experienced council to review your situation and advise. 

As a criminal defense lawyer in Columbus Ohio since 1984, Mr. Hoffman knows exactly what is at stake for clients found in these precarious situations. Mr. Hoffman understands the impact of incarceration and a criminal record. For this reason, Mr. Hoffman caters his services for each and every client guaranteeing a  quality of service beyond the call of duty. 

Having served clients in the greater Columbus Metropolitan since 1984, Mr. Hoffman has garnered a reputation around the Columbus legal  community of great acclaim. Furthermore, he has personal relationships with judges, court personal, and staff. When you hire Mr. Hoffman you are hiring an expert in the field of law and who has been practicing in the same city going on four decades. In Columbus, there are very few lawyers with the reputation, success, and experience as Mr. Hoffman. Call our offices now for a free assessment of your case!

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