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Mr. Hoffman has been a Columbus family law attorney in since 1984 and he has represented literally thousands of clients to their satisfaction. He is known around Columbus and the surrounding counties as an and experienced and knowledgeable family law lawyer committed to serving his clients fully from the point they meet until the final result. There is no one in Columbus that commits themselves to their work and their clients like Mr. Hoffman. He is passionate, considerate, and cares about each and every case that he handles. He understands how difficult family legal matters can be and commits himself to serving family's needs to the highest degree of expertise. Mr. Hoffman will be there for you 24/7 to support your needs and your family's needs. If you are dealing with family legal matters in the Columbus area or surrounding counties, do not hesitate to call the Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman.

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Columbus family law

A domestic violence restraining order is issued in the Columbus domestic courts when their is a domestic violence accusation where "immediate and present danger" is found. Domestic violence restraining orders are also referred to as Civil Protection Orders (CPO). These orders are designed by the courts to protect individuals from future danger. Furthermore, domestic violence restraining orders are taken very seriously by the court system.

If you are being accused of domestic violence charges and have a restraining order filed against you, contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Restraining orders can often times seriously impact the outcome of your ongoing proceedings. We have found that in many cases parties take advantage of the power of domestic restraining orders to unlawfully build support for their case. The Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman have been defending clients with restraining orders since 1984.

The Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman have decades of experience protecting file domestic violence restraining orders and defend against filed domestic violence restraining orders. Contact our offices now for legals support and representation.

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Columbus Family Law Lawyer

Columbus Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

An uncontested divorce can often potentially save clients both money and time. While there are benefits of an uncontested divorce, they are not always the best option for clients who disagree on important issues like child custody and the various support arrangements. Click above to read more about Columbus uncontested divorces to see if your situation could support this arrangement. 

Columbus Contested Divorce Lawyer

In a contested divorce the parties involved are unable to come to an agreement as to the terms and distributions involved in the separation. In these situations, an experienced family law lawyer is necessary to support an equitable and fair divorce. Click above to read more about Columbus contested divorces to see if your situation could support this arrangement.

columbus family law lawyer
columbus family law lawyer

In a dissolution, both parties consent to settle all disputes outside of a court room. All of the issues that need to  be resolved must be resolved prior to filing a petition with the court. Furthermore, unlike a divorce, in a dissolution, there is no subpoena available. For this reason, all information must be volunteered willingly by each party to resolve the matters at hand. A dissolution can often save parties a significant amount of time and money. 

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Columbus Family Law Lawyer

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Columbus Family Law Lawyer

Divorces or dissolution can put a lot of stress and pressure on families. While the financial outcomes of a divorce or dissolution are certainly very important, there is nothing more important than health and safety of the children involved. Custody needs to be determined by looking for the best interest of each child involved in the case. In many cases evidence is misunderstood by the court and parents or loved ones are left without the legal right to be with their children. Our offices have been successfully representing parents and loved ones in these situations since 1984 and we passionately believe that the best interest of a child can only be achieved with the help of an experienced lawyer that will be on your side twenty four hours of the day, seven days a week.

columbus family law lawyer
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Columbus Family Law Lawyer

Fathers have rights and deserve equal opportunity in all divorce proceedings. The Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman understands that there are many cases where fathers are forced to give up custody of their children and pay overly excessive child support and spousal support. A father going through a divorce deserves an equitable separation  financially, in terms of custody, and intangible assets.

columbus family law lawyer
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Columbus Family Law Lawyer

While most child custody and child visitation disputes primary involve the parents of the child in dispute, grandparents often deserve their voices to be heard in regards to visitation rights and even custody. In many circumstances grandparents of children play a major role in a child's life and can be regarded by the courts as a more suitable guardian than the parents. The Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman have extensive experience representing grandparents and securing them the voice and rights they deserve in child custody and visitation matters. Our offices believe in serving the best interests of the child at dispute and we will fight for grandparent's rights at all costs when a child's best interests are at stake.