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What is a Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is a divorce where both parties involved are unable to reach a conclusive agreement  as to the separation of assets, liabilities, child matters, and other issues of interest. Additionally, a contested divorce is a complex process that often takes months of preparation and communication back and forth between both parties to resolve.

Benefits of an Contested Divorce

A contested divorce provides both parties involved in the divorce the most comprehensive analysis of all assets, liabilities, family matters, and all issues of interests. This comprehensive review saves the individuals involved from further conflicts later on after their legal separation. Furthermore, in a contested divorce each party has a chance to present council and the court with reasons and a complete understanding of the issues at hand. In divorces involving complex financial distribution and/or child custody/support matters, a contested divorce is necessary to adequately serve both parties. In in uncontested divorce, the resources provided and time dedicated to resolving these issues is insufficient. If you feel that you need a contested divorce, an experienced and professional family law lawyer is necessary to resolve all of your issues efficiently and fairly. Mr. Hoffman has been helping walk couples through contested divorces since 1984, and has successfully settled thousands of contested divorces.

Disadvantages of an Contested Divorce


A contested divorce costs both parties involved much more time and money than an uncontested divorce. While the time and money may seem like an unnecessary expense right now, it is best to look at this expense as an investment for your security and safety in the long run. The sad truth is that many divorces are simply not suited for an uncontested divorce. Even if you may think your situation may support such an arrangement, it is ill advised to go forward, unless recommended by an experienced professional.  

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